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Why and How Backyard Beekeeping

backyard beekeeping
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Like many people do you also believe that Honey is the only reason for Beekeeping? If yes, you should allow yourself to think beyond honey because beekeeping is more than that.

Yes, honey is a factor, but it is not the only one.

I know you can collect honey from any local shop. But beekeeping can provide you pure honey without wasting a decent amount. So, beekeeping can be your money saver.

What else can it do? Don't worry I will discuss those in the following lines. After reading the entire article, you will be surprised to see how beneficial beekeeping is. Let’s start:

Benefits of Beekeeping:

Money Saver:

Do you know the average cost of a jar of local honey? It's anywhere from 12 to 18 dollars a pop. If you produce honey, it can a save a lot of that. I know, there are costs for maintaining the hive but considerably less than 12 to 18 dollars. Besides, you are getting pure honey without any mix-up!

Besides, there are some excellent uses for beeswax. Beeswax is perfect for making certain beautiful things like candles, lip balms, hair care products, wood polishes, soaps and so on.

By keeping bees, you can surely save a lot of money. Also, you can be so sure that the wax is 100% per beeswax and it is free of unwanted additives.

Garden Production Booster:

Do you know honeybees pollinate most the vegetables? Even plants that are capable of self-pollination produce greater quantities when pollinated by the honeybee. Yes, there are several other pollinators available, but honey bees are way more efficient.

Bumblebees AKA carpenter bees can bore holes into the wood around your home which can create the need for expensive repairs. Also, other insects don't produce honey. Even some of the crops can't even survive without honeybee.

Natural remedies

Honeybees forage for nectar and pollen, and they collect pollen in special sacs on their hind legs. After that, they bring this back to the colony to feed the brood as a source of protein. It is a natural remedy for allergies and other ailments. On the other hand, Propolis that bees use to close up gaps and sanitize the hive is known to treat pain and other diseases.

Those are only a few benefits of beekeeping. It is an awesome experience as well. Keeping bees helps to balance nature. That is why we all have to save them. Besides, bees teach us some important factors about life. They always work for the future as we all should do. Now I am sure you have few questions. I will answer them all one by one. Let’s start:  

Is the backyard beekeeping is for you?

It is for everyone only if there are no laws that prohibit beekeeping in your area. Most of us think that we need a large space or open field for beekeeping. It's a myth, yes! Honeybee hive requires very little space, and they are safe both in urban and suburban areas. However, neighbors can be an issue. If they complained, you have to think otherwise. But if you can convince them and keep them away from your hive, you are okay to go.

How much will it cost to get started?

Around 500 to 600 dollar is fair enough to start the journey. Let’s see the breakdown of your dollars

Quality Hive Components: You have to spend 250 to 300 dollars in bottom board, screen board, hive bodies, supers, covers, frames and so on.

Safety Gear: For safety gears like a veiled cover, gloves or a full suit you have to spend 50 to 150 dollars.

Tools: For tools like a smoker, hive tools, bee brush, etc. 50 dollar is fair enough.

Honeybee Colony:  Approximately 150 to 200 dollar will do.

What backyard beekeepers usually do?

Most of the successful backyard beekeepers started their journey with at least two hives. It increases the initial investment but starting with more than one hive has a lot of benefits. We will also discuss the issue someday. However, backyard beekeepers began their journey by pursuing knowledge about the honeybees. They learn their biology, behavior, and evaluation. The more one knows about honeybees, the easier for them to maintain a hive. If you want to start beekeeping journey, you must gather some knowledge.

How much time needed to care for a hive?

You should not open your hive more than once a week. That means not much of work. 10 to 15 minutes every week is fair enough. Sometimes, you have to do a hell lot of jobs like honey harvesting, treating disease, splitting hives, etc. but none of those tasks are time-consuming.

What will I get from backyard beekeeping?

You will get stung and honey of course. Yes, ready to get stung by a bee. It's common for every beekeeper. But it happens due to our stupidity. Like we often forget to zip up our veil or checking a feeder without proper safety equipment. This is our fault, not theirs. Apart from the sting, you will get pure honey at a little cost. Besides, I already told you few benefits of beekeeping above. You know you will get them too. Most importantly, you will feel good as you are working for the environment as well.

Time-lapse for Beekeeping

April: Bees begin to collect pollen and bring into the hive

May: The queen lays the most eggs and makes the hive busy. This is the busy season for beekeepers.

June: First honey flow happens in June.

August & September: Colony growth begins to slow.

October & November: Bees settle down for winter. So this is the off season with little hive activity.

Apart from tons of benefits, beekeeping can be a way of earning too. It can be a great business source as the need for honey will never end. Besides, beekeeping is a fun activity. It keeps the environment well. I hope you enjoyed everything in this article. I am about to leave today. I will see you soon enough with some other tips and tricks of beekeeping. Till then:

Stay safe and Save the Environment!  

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